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Notable Events

Every June, Livermore hosts the "World's Fastest Rodeo," which claims to have more riders per hour than any other event of its type.  
There are several wine tasting tours of the many Livermore area wineries that occur periodically throughout the summer, as well as the Livermore Wine Country Festival every May.
A weekly farmer’s market where you can find fresh produce, treats and entertainment.
The Bankhead Theater is a great place to enjoy the performing arts with a steady stream of concerts and theatrical performances.
Don’t miss the Annual Holiday Sights & Sounds Parade and the Tree Lighting celebration.

Resident Feature

“People are fun," she tells me in the first moments of our conversation. Mary Evelyn, who was born in the small town of McDonald, Pennsylvania, in 1923, now enjoys the peaceful, tranquil setting of Arbor Vista.
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“It’s nice here. You can go out if you want to, but there’s plenty to do here if you feel like staying home.” Mary Evelyn likes to stay busy and takes part in many of the community activities. “We have community art shows, movie nights, craft fairs, weekly Bunco games.” The only time you won’t find Mary Evelyn at one of these events is when her beloved San Jose Sharks have a televised game, at which point she’ll probably be sitting in front of her television, wearing her T-shirt boldly imprinted with "Hockey Grandmother," either cheering on her team or aggravated by the referees. She laughs and says:  “Those refs, they give me such a bad time!”
As the youngest of six children, she remembers helping her mom can food for the family, while her father worked as the town doctor. When she turned 16, she became his chauffeur and assistant and remembers having to change tires on the way to see a patient.
After completing high school, she attended Shippensburg University and decided to get married in 1942. When her husband returned from the war, they moved to Campbell, California, where they worked on her father-in-law’s prune orchard.  
Eventually she became involved with the Santa Clara Players, a local theater group, and helped put on numerous shows over her 25-year tenure. “We did it all, sometimes gathering props, sometimes acting, sometimes painting sets out in the parking lot one hour before the show opened!”  
She also directed tours of the Santa Clara Harris Lass House, a historic Bay Area building, and still attends events there occasionally.
Now you’ll often find Mary Evelyn heading to the community room, shopping the local craft shop for crochet supplies, or enjoying her latest read. “There’s so much interesting stuff out there to discover. I love finding a good book and learning about something new.”

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